Electric Bicycles for Economic Development

We develop, assemble, sell, lease and operate electric bicycles for commuters, tourists, businesses & delivery riders.

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Our e-bicycles are meticulously designed with the rider in mind. Unlock adventure and eco-friendly commuting with EBA’s electric bicycles!

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Experience the joy of effortless power with our electric motors that provide a smooth and responsive ride. 


Throttle acceleration

Experience thrilling rides with throttle acceleration effortlessly speeding on our eBikes, transforming electric energy.


Zero carbon footprint

eBikes Africa offers electric bikes with multiple gears, allowing riders to customize their riding experience and adapt to different terrains.


Multiple gears

Explore Africa's breathtaking landscapes with zero emissions bikes, contributing to sustainable transportation revolution.


Long lasting battery

Ebikes feature advanced battery technology for reliable, consistent performance on extended rides, ensuring long-lasting commutes.