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we’re passionate about two things: sustainability and adventure.

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Welcome to our Change Makers program, an opportunity for you to join us in our mission of creating a sustainable future by making electric bikes accessible to as many people as possible.

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To join the changemakers program fill our changemakers form, indicating your details and details of those you’d recommend for an e-bike purchase

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Earn an attractive % commission for every recommended customer who makes an e-bike purchase through and become a changemaker!

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We are incredibly passionate about fostering a vibrant community of riders who wholeheartedly embrace our shared love for sustainability and adventure.¬†We believe that the future of transportation should be greener, cleaner, and more fun, and we’re on a mission to make that future a reality.

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Our ultimate goal is to bring people together, so we will go above and beyond to organize thrilling group rides, generously sponsor local events, and actively collaborate with advocacy groups.